Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Yorkshire interlude, ending with a Horrid Headcold

Yesterday we returned from a week away in the North York Moors national park.  We were most fortunate in the weather and had an interesting time exploring moors and dales, and a couple of places I had been looking forward to seeing.
Unfortunately, on Thursday I came down with a vile cold, and am typing this through a painful fug, while feeling thoroughly miserable and sorry for myself as I cough and splutter.  You would very definitely not enjoy being here with me! 
Apart from the landscape, there were two visits in particular to which I was looking forward.  The first of those was to Riveaulx AbbeyThe abbey ruins lie in a delightful setting, and were not over run by visitors.  There was also the additional bonus this year of the newly opened museum.
There are many bits of building to explore,
and lots of fascinating details to examine.
And at the end of it all I enjoyed just sitting on a bench listening to the songs of a couple of meadow pipits.


  1. Poor you. It's horrible coming back from a holiday and getting ill. I hope you get better soon. The abbey looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Eirene. This time I seem to have got a hum-dinger! It is always so debilitating when something is amiss with one's head - but at least with the aid of a couple of aspirin from time to time I can justifiably curl up with a book for hours!