Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Portable pastime?

In this case I would argue that the pastime - watching tennis - is the less portable occupation.  The more serious intent involves the highly portable occupation - the stitching.
During the first week of Wimbledon I have completed the stitching on two A3 sized pieces.  This morning I pressed them, and put them on the pile of work to be finished before photography.
I am working on the next in line, but decided that I'd better have another piece prepared.  So chose some threads and a fine calico backing for a lino originated piece.  For some reason I've chosen something autumnal just as the weather here is turning summery.
My multi-tasking knows no bounds when there are screamers (women players who give a grunt of effort a whole new meaning) on court I watch with the sound down, and have the BBC iplayer on while stitching.  And this all comes back to me when I encounter the work much later.  I can still remember what was going on around me when I look at some pieces even years later.

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