Thursday, September 12, 2019

Good luck in all shapes

This summer I was determined to take my stitching outdoors more.  This is such a pleasure when it works well, but can be an incredible palaver to organise.  I had tracked down a product made by Margaret Cooter: perhaps I could commission a cross-body version of her Travel Lines Tote which would be just right for all the gubbins I wanted to take down the garden with me.

I commissioned one from Margaret based on the Circle Line, which is the underground line I used by far the most in my London years.  How I looked forward to receiving my bag, and to spending more time in the garden.  However, it is surprising how much a life can change over just part of a season.

It is interesting that that need for the commissioned tote bag remained.  Now, the need for a neat cross-body bag is as a soft but secure container for my syringe driver, the essential delivery mechanism for all my palliative care needs.

Co-incidentally also, Margaret asked that payment be made to Medecins Sans Frontiers.  It is great that something hand made, hand stitched, soft, companionable, is making lovely links.  Thank you Margaret.


  1. Olga, you are in my thoughts. Stay strong, my friend.

  2. Thinking of you as I watch seal pups on Pembrokeshire shores and remembering to enjoy every moment as none of us know what is coming next. Thank you for continuing to blog.

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