Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Temporary break in transmission

Anne Carrigan: Head Cold
I came away from the workshop last week with food for thought - and a head cold!  So now I am indulging myself on the sofa: whodunnits, hot milk, soups, and lots of tissues.
Normal service will resume as soon as possible, I hope.  At least the image above (from here) makes me feel much better in comparison.


  1. What a ghastly image! Although we may not look that way on the outside, it sometimes sure feels that bad when we are downed by a cold. Sounds like you are taking the proper steps to get back to normal operating procedure. Get well soon but don't rush it!

  2. Hope you feel better very soon

  3. Thinking of you, Olga - wishing you well soon.

  4. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I am getting better, thanks, although the cough persists. Every day is better, especially as we are now having a wee holiday.

    It certainly is not flu, Margaret, thank goodness.