Friday, March 10, 2017

The next big project

It's not the beginning, because apart from the idea, the making started with the lino prints.  But now I have 25 pieces of printed fabric to begin the stitching.  There was a little remedial work, which I've described in my work blog, and now I'm making decisions about thread colours - before embarking on the Grand Projet
Is it a kind of madness which has me hooked on hand stitching?  I've designed a whole made up of 5 x 5 pieces sized approximately 38x33cm (15x13"), each filled with hand stitching in fine silk.  The fabric is cotton lawn which at least will be easier on my fingers.  I will also be stitching other projects for a change of scene - and at some point trying out printing with my otherwise redundant pasta machine (see Jac's blog for a brilliant idea).  So, will I have finished Soliloquy (the project pictured) before next Spring - I wonder.


  1. Hand stitching is a powerful way to communicate thoughtfulness, silence, and time. I feel that it makes art that can actually touch other people so that they can in turn get in touch with their emotions and memories and inner thoughts.
    When I see conceptually strong piece of art executed with hand stitchuing, I am moved beyond measure.
    I like paintings too - and yes, they are perhaps more immediate and intuitive, but hand stitched marks win out for me if there is to be a contest.

    So no, I don't think you are mad.
    And yes, you will be done in a year.

    1. Judy, thanks for that confirmation. Yes, hand stitching certainly has a powerful draw for me. Indeed, when I painted in the past I used to draw in forms of stitching or weaving. There is something about the meditative repetition which brings me nourishment.

  2. When the fabric makes the stitching easy (or even better, pleasant), all will go well! It will "stitch itself"...

    1. You are quite right, Margaret. The cotton lawn is a dream to stitch.