Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Before the hibernation

comes the end-of-year sorting: filing, assessing, and thinking. 


  1. Well shoot! You deleted all but a line of this post that I'd saved on my feed reader until I had time to comment. I wanted to address what you said about wishing that more dialogue took place on blogs. Me too, and I'm not sure how to rectify that, short of always ending a post with a question. I have noticed that I am more apt to receive comments if I do insert a question or two. Seems at least some readers need an invitation.

    But I believe there is another issue, and it is why it has taken me days to get around to pulling up your post again to comment. I often read through blogs on my Kindle Fire while having my morning coffee. I often do leave a comment here and there but it is done with stylus on the pop-up keyboard and takes so much longer than if I were at my computer keyboard. And this is what I'm hearing from other people too. So many of them are checking into sites while on their phone or tablet and it is either awkward to type answers on them or it takes more time. So I think that is what we are really up against when we try to start a dialogue on a blog post.

    1. Sheila, thanks for your reply. Apologies for shortening the post, but I'm glad that you caught my query. I agree that increasing numbers are reading tablets and phones, and that that contributes to the shortening of comments. I guess I didn't take that into account as I have neither. You are also right that it does take time to consider one's thoughts on a particular post - and time does slip by at an alarming rate bringing all sorts of distractions to brush us off course.

      On the one hand the Internet is such a fabulous tool for getting to meet so many interesting folks; but is also frustrating in that one so rarely chats. I'm old fashioned enough to miss that, and sometimes find it strange to be declaiming into the ether! I do love responses because they do make the writing worthwhile, and thank you for your comments.

    2. And of course, thank you for your reply. That's another thing that kinda bugs me, that some bloggers never bother to respond to comments on posts, either right on the post or in a private e-mail. Perhaps that's another reason why people stopped bothering to comment, feeling like why bother when no one seems to care about what I have to say. It just seems like common courtesy to me, but as you say, you and I appear to be old fashioned in our approach to communications son't you ever change!) and the technological advances appeared so quickly, no new rules of etiquette had a chance to get established. Oh well, I guess we will just muddle along the best we can. :-)

    3. At least we sticklers can enjoy each other's blogs. Happy holidays!