Friday, August 03, 2018

A long hot summer

I particularly enjoy a copper beech in the summer because it stands out magnificently from the ubiquity of green.  It also seems to look cooler in days of burning sun.
(image from here)
The last time I remember us having such a long hot summer was in the extraordinary year of 1976.  I was fortunate to be working at Oxford University Press in Oxford, in a building that has enormously thick walls, and so arriving early and leaving late I avoided much of the heat.
(image above from Bing maps showing the replacement tree today-ish)
Also, in the quadrangle there was a giant copper beech, taller than the building, which created a delightful shade under which to eat lunch if there was a wee breeze.  Unfortunately I learned some years ago that the tree died; but has been replaced by a youngster, who has a hundred years or so to go to catch up with its predecessor.
Another memory from that summer is receiving a phone call from an artist who was always coming up with excuses for late delivery - this time it was that the extreme heat had caused his mother-in-law's garden shed to explode!


  1. I love the wonderfully improbable exploding shed excuse - suitably creative for an artist!
    And on the subject of copper beeches, there are two beauties in Glen Tanar near the visitor centre here in Aberdeenshire. We love them and visit often when we’re here to pay homage.

    1. Yes, I pass a couple of copper beeches on a regular route to a friend, and I anticipate seeing them almost as much as visiting my friend.