Saturday, May 19, 2018

Quick proof prints, and a fascinating book

I did some quick proofing to check what still needed cutting away from some lino plates-in-progress.
Also, I wanted to try out some colour/background combinations.
Still quite a bit of work to do on all counts.
And yesterday I finished an excellent book: Who Built Scotland: A History of the Nation in Twenty Five Buildings.  The 25 buildings start with Kathleen Jamie's poetic imaginings of the prehistoric life, and end with a consideration of The Bothy Project which aims at sustainably leaving nothing ultimately to tell the kind of story from which we learn so much about the past - in some ways a perfect circle. 
Sweeny's bothy, Isle of Eigg (image from here)
I found the book to be engaging, informative, and thought-provoking.


  1. As a regular and enthusiastic visitor to Scotland, that book looks fascinating. Very many thanks for the link.

    1. Margaret, I did find this an interesting way of looking at moments of Scottish history.