Friday, November 24, 2017

November light

So many reasons to love November, not least the light.  Colour - colours, yes, but the subtle greys, the shining light, ....  That last may seem a contradiction with the daylight hours getting so much shorter - but it's because of that the light becomes more precious, and more noticeable.
Because there is less light, and it is angled more directly from lower in the sky, I find that the landscape can beautifully be sliced vertically to appreciate the diversity of the light's effects.
And the blues become subtly intriguing, entrancing.


  1. This is a fascinating take on photo cropping. I often crop in reduced landscape format but not often a narrow vertical slice like this. I’ll look again at photos already in my stash and also new ones as I take them.

    1. Margaret, I was fortunate enough to have extensive training in book design where I had to fit illustrations into sometimes very awkward spaces, so I now crop without thinking too much about technique. What I believe is important is being able to see a picture within a picture - a way to enhance what it is you want to focus on. In this case I had taken the original photograph quickly to try to capture the effect of the light. The cropping afterwards simply concentrated on that light by cutting out what was otherwise distracting. The technique helps me get there, but it's the focus that matters most to me.