Sunday, February 19, 2017

Body of work

Alexandr Deyneka: Textile Workers (image from here)
This morning we went to the Royal Academy's excellent exhibition Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932.  There is a great deal to admire, to look at, and to learn there - an extensive overview of art during that period, and a great deal to think about.  Here is a review, and here another.
One artist whose work made an impact on me is Alexandr Deyneka.  There is a lot I was intrigued by in his paintings, the details being one: above, for instance the cows, and below the horse and tree.
Alexandr Deyneka: Football (image from here)
The first painting of his in the exhibition was right at the beginning, almost immediately at the entrance, and is a large imposing image (see below).  It certainly made an impression on me; the work is so sculptural.
Alexandr Deyneka: On building new plants (image from here) 
And he captures emotion both in the endless supply of worker soldiers in The defence of Petrograd below, and in the completely different hilarious Ping Pong at the bottom (roll over the image in the link to get a larger view of the latter).
(image from here)


  1. I am looking forward to this.

    1. We found it to be a fascinating informative exhibition which really should be visited long and often fully to be appreciated - but even one wander through was sufficiently thought-provoking and aesthetically rewarding.