Monday, September 05, 2016

Some mornings

I awake with a picture in my mind.  Sometimes it is a picture which I want to produce, and at other times it is an existing image from my memory.  This morning, having spent a lot of time thinking about conversations recently, it was the latter: the magnificent Matisse's The Conversation.  It is not only one of the Matisse paintings I admire, but also in perhaps my favourite style of his.
In looking up the Wikipedia link to insert in this post, I found a subsequent link to a fascinating article by Hilary Spurling who wrote such a wondrous biography of Matisse.  Turning over stones can be so illuminating, and so often also provides more stones for turning.


  1. I just finished reading the Spurling article which is fascinating. I then googled Olga Meerson who I had not come across before, and whose work I need to explore further. Thank you for this informative and interesting post.

    1. Curiosity pursuing glimpses of answers to reveal the questions one should be asking is one of the finest quests.