Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September scorcher

The Turner Contemporary gallery is in Margate, where Turner lived for a time, and a seaside town at the southern point of the Thames estuary.  The gallery has a splendid large window onto the sea, with a space for individual works of art such as the Yinka Shonibara piece seen in silhouette above.
It was extraordinarily hot for September, so on Sunday the town was full of visitors, many sitting in full sun, and others seeking shade such as this couple behind the shell lady.  The gallery building is striking in the sunlight, seen from the end of the harbour arm wall.
There were different vessels on view in the harbour, and out beyond the estuary tankers and an extraordinary yacht.  We heard that it belongs to a Russian, and later found out more (here).
A walk along the promenade in front of the gallery and beyond was most pleasant, and an excellent spot for people watching as well as benefitting from the relaxing effects of the sea itself.
Later I wandered round the streets just off the main harbour, and took a few snaps,
and found this doggy-wares shop.


  1. I have always wanted to visit Margate but have to failed to do so. Your photos make me determined to remedy this. The first image you posted of the window of the gallery is wonderful - the silhouette of the Shonibara piece is stunning.

    1. Margate is definitely worth a visit, especially if there is something good on at the Turner. There are interesting places around for a longer stay too. The last time before this that we went to Margate we started at Whitstable, then after Margate went on round the coast to Dungeness. I always think of Dickens when visiting round there, and of course there is the sea which I love in almost any context.