Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Interesting impressions

G.W. Bot: Lake Mungo Glyphs - A Portrait (image from here)
Prints are everywhere in the RA Summer Exhibition.  There were so many I liked, but a few in particular made a lasting impression.  I was delighted to see two by the Australian printmaker G.W. Bot, whose work inspires me in the sense that I am impelled to take myself to my lino-cutting desk.
G.W. Bot: Lake Mungo Glyphs - Mother (image from here)
Of all of Peter Freeth's works this one caught my imagination most.
Peter Freeth: Over the wall (image from here)
Cornelia Parker: Deception glass (image from here)
Cornelia Parker's prints of glasses intrigue me, as did Liz Rideal's print on fabric:
Liz Rideal: Temple of Jove Anxur, Terracina (image from here)

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