Saturday, April 14, 2018


(image from here)
At last today is sunny and warm, and it really feels that Spring is (perhaps) finally here, especially as bumble bees are busy bumping into our windows.


  1. Better than the pigeons which have been flying into mine! Booom! and the dog jumps out of her skin. She is a rescue dog and is afraid of banging doors, the wind going whoooo, and unexplained noises of things falling or going boom. Not fireworks, though, so that is better than our last dog.
    Well, at least I think it is a pigeon. Haven't seen any evidence yet. But smaller birds wouldn't make that loud of noise and survive!

    1. Don't talk to us about pigeons! They have flown into one of our windows so much that they have damaged the integrity of the double glazing. They leave astonishing oil impressions of themselves, wings out, on the glass.
      Once a kestral knocked itself out - a real beauty, it was fascinating, and a relief, to watch it slowly revive and fly off. The bumble bees however, seem to have crash helmets built into their skulls.

    2. interesting about the integrity of the double glazing. My studio has sliding glass patio-type doors. The side that doesn't slide has had condensation inside from before we got the house...maybe it has increased, but slowly enough that I don't remember what it was.
      But, since these 2 booms recently, it looks like the other side is starting to show condensation. Well, it is over 25 years old now, so probably the pigeon then.
      I love bumbles. bip, bip, bap, bap. A sign of spring.

    3. There was a huge bang yesterday on the same window - similar to yours: the fixed side of patio doors - and this time the pigeon killed itself outright. Another snack for the fox.

      Spring, yea! The leaves are opening double quick. New life.