Friday, March 23, 2018


Rounded by its companions, part of a roof tile, a beautiful alien, found on the beach at Nice, France.  I wondered, still wonder, how long ago it left its roof.


  1. Striking composition. How did you know it was terra cotta, possibly a roof tile? Did you pick it up and examine it after taking the photo?

  2. Ah, now you are asking, Sheila! This is one of many photographs of the beach, and it does not tell the whole truth that there are many terracotta pebbles around. But they do stand out the way that this one does. I was puzzled at first, but, yes, I looked and looked until I found one broken open and saw the structure and believed it to be terracotta.

    I must admit that scientifically I have not proved that the terracotta-coloured pebbles are in fact terracotta; but I did ask a local (?) dog walker what they were, and it was then that I was told that they were the remnants of ancient roof tiles.

    It made sense to me, as well as providing a lovely image to ponder, so I am happy continuting to believe that until someone definitively proves otherwise.

    1. Am grinning here, as this is very common for me to not just enjoy what is presented to me but want to know more details, how someone arrived at a conclusion. I think I too would believe the "local" and why not? Sounds very plausible to me. I figured you must have some additional information gleaned from somewhere, so thanks for sharing this extra bit. It actually enhances my enjoyment of the photo. Small anomalies catching one's eye, piquing one's curiosity.

    2. Agreed, Sheila: curiosity is the spark of life.