Thursday, October 26, 2017

Everything for a place

I am working steadily hand quilting a large piece.  It is big and slippery enough that I need the support of a table, and the autumn light has been dull enough that I prefer a north-facing window at which to work.  So, the work is proceeding in the sewing room.  So far, so good.
In the evenings, however, and if I have chores to do, I will not be in the sewing room.  Yet, I need to have something to hand for the in between times - especially when it is not possible to turn my mind to reading.  The solution is to have a steady stream of small stitch pieces on which to work.
Yesterday I finalised the digital work on Jazz flute, which was started some months ago, printed it onto cotton lawn, and in the evening started to stitch.
I also finalised the digital work on Ginkgo rider, the origins of which go back several years.  It just needs printing onto cotton now, which I shall do later today.  In this piece a lot of the colour will be added with the thread used to stitch.
I have written a post on my work blog describing the development of the designs.


  1. I love the vigour and intensity in both these small pieces - as in all your work. Small is good. Recently, I’ve discovered I find it very helpful to have work that brings quick reward and encouragement while working on larger pieces. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make this discovery!

    1. Thank you Margaret. I think that when we start doing something large we don't want distractions that we are concerned will take energy and thought away from the big job in hand. But as you say, it can be perversely helpful to take wee breaks, smaller individual achievements can contribute more thought and energy to the larger work, and to one's overall output at the same time.