Friday, September 29, 2017

Inspiration shared

When looking at the work of Turner Prize shortlisted artist Lubaina Hamid (first seen this year in Eirene's blog) I saw much that attracts me.  And I see that we are both lovers of Picasso's glorious frontcloth (below), designed for the Ballets Russes.
(image above from this article)
Since I first saw it I have always been drawn to this great painting, not only for its immediate expression of friendship and exuberance, but also for the ambiguity of emotion it also seems to contain - the more I look, the more I see.
Lubaina Hamid: Freedom and Change (images from here)
As Eirene's photos show, Hamid's appropriation of the figures adds the delightful hounds, and the perhaps not so delightful onlooking men.  My own appropriation for a quilt made in 2007 crops the original to the upper body of the left hand woman, and I took her off the beach and put her in the sea.  I wish that I had the space to have this piece hanging because it pleases me still, even after all these years.
A big splash 2007 145x107cm
It is always a pleasure to see that someone else - whose work I admire greatly - has also been inspired by a piece which inspired my own creative juices to flow.

There are Guardian newspaper articles about Lubaina Himid here, and here, and here, and here.


  1. It's great that Himid is finally getting the appreciation she deserves. Your piece is wonderful, Olga: joyful and exuberant and full of joie de vivre. Surely, there must be space, somewhere? No?

    1. I really enjoyed the interview article with Himid this last weekend. I hope that we get to hear more of her.
      Thank you for your kind comments about my work. I do have a spot where the quilt might fit - perhaps.

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