Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Art outside

When we went to the Pallant House café last week we were able to see the jolly sight of yarnbombed trees in the courtyard.  After a long period of rain every day, the sun was shining, which added to the bright colourful display entitled The Octopus' Garden, which is part of - or in association with Outside In, an organisation and platform to help Outsider Artists to develop and display their work.
Another example of art outside we encountered on a pavement: sand sculpture, also benefitting from the lack of rain.


  1. Yarn bombing may look nice (though not to me) but it is potentially harmful to the trees, as moisture can be trapped inside the usually synthetic yarn. It also interferes with the habitat of the numerous insects which live in tree bark. And of course the synthetic yarn is not biodegradable and has been dyed using toxic and environmentally damaging dyes. It's really not a good thing 😞😞

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and I thought I was just being curmudgeonly in my lack of enthusiasm for the swaddling of trees with jolly knitting. It's strange how folks love doing harmful things - I feel a real wet blanket when I point out to parents with toddlers feeding the ducklings that bread can actually kill them. Hey ho.

  2. It's ignorance I guess, I didn't know about the bread until maybe five or six years ago - though once I thought about it, it seemed kind of obvious! I too am glad I'm not completely alone in my dislike of covering trees in knitting