Thursday, December 03, 2015


When we were in Cumbria in November we were lucky to be able to catch an exhibition of prints in Penrith.  There was an extraordinary number of brilliant and diverse printmakers represented, several of whose work I have admired but not seen other than online or perhaps as cards.
Gail Brodholt: From the motorway (image from here)
One such is Gail Brodholt who works with lino.  Not only were there several prints on show, but also a short film of her printing, which I see is on her website too.  Seeing all the prints certainly reinforced my determination to spend some more time experimenting with the lino cutting.
I did order a new kind of cutting tool on my return, the RGM from Jackson's.  I like how it sits in my hand, so I ordered a couple more, and am eager to receive them and try them out too.
Meantime I am still stitching a large quilt which I started in Spring this year, foolishly thinking that I could have it ready to enter this Autumn for an exhibition.  I doubt it will be ready much before next Spring.  That's slow stitching for you! 
Also my brain keeps pursuing more ideas, digital drawing, composing images, etc.  I also stitch small pieces in order to have satisfaction of completing something.  I don't really want to turn my creative mind off, but can one be over-inspired?

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