Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Light in the morning

From today each morning's breakthrough of the sun will come earlier.  What joy!
Turner: Dawn after the Wreck  1841(Courtauld Institute)
Turner has captured the light often and beautifully.
Turner: San Maggiore at dawn 1819 (image from here)
Turner: Fort Vimieux 1831 (Tate)


  1. These are wonderful. No painter captures colour and glowing light quite like Turner. It is always a joy to view his work.
    I have so enjoyed all your posts this year, even though I have not always commented.Thank you for your comments on my blog - always helpful. You might be interested to hear that, following a link from you, I've signed up for a 10 week printmaking course with Sue Brown in Cheltenham starting in January. It all looks really exciting. I will no doubt post any work that seems worthy of an airing so you'll be able to see what I'm up

    Happy Holidays, Margaret.

  2. I do hope that you enjoy the printmaking course Margaret. In the meantime I hope that you have a lovely time over Christmas and Hogmanay.

  3. Thank you for posting these. Wonderful to be reminded of these fabulous paintings.