Saturday, November 28, 2015


Surfacing (detail), 2009
I do not often get head colds these days, but when I do they seem to hit me hard.  I am delighted now, however, to be surfacing gently.  Yesterday evening was my first outing, and we went to a great concert by Julian Joseph - who when I first heard and saw him live inspired this piece:
Jazz piano (JJ), 2007
and set off all my various instrument playing images.
In between sinus headaches I find that it has been lino cutting which has predominated in my thinking.  Online shopping being so exhaustion-'lite', I indulged myself in a couple of new cutting tools.  I am not completely comfortable with the traditional mushroom-shaped handles, and so wanted to give these RGM tools a trial.  They have now arrived, and I'm about to do some gentle vinyl cutting.

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