Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seeing the light; hearing the height!

We went to Edinburgh for lunch.  Well, my husband and I, who met at university in Edinburgh in the 60s, went to a wee gathering of those of us who became firm friends then.  It is 50 years since we started university, and we had lunch together to catch up.  So from Carlisle, near where we are staying this week, we took the train.
Now that I seek out lifts rather than stairs we ended up at the back of Waverley Station, and there next to the exit is the gallery I thought I would never be able to visit now with my knackered knees, because of its level.  Those of you familiar with Edinburgh will know that it is a city of lows and highs with bridges many storeys above and streets many steep steps below.  The Fruitmarket Gallery is in the bowels of the lower wynds - at the base of the back of the bridge shown below.
Adam Bruce Thomson North Bridge and Salisbury Craggs, Edinburgh from the North West

Such a joyous delight to be able not only to visit the gallery, but also to see the unexpected bonus of a beautiful exhibition: Another Minimalism: Art after California Light and Space.  Light and space was what it encompassed, with thought-provoking pieces - there is a review here
I loved the whole thing, most of the individual pieces, and particularly enjoyed the projected shapes and colours of Olafur Eliasson (the after-images which I experienced fascinated me),
the work of Uta Barth, and
that of James Welling.
Also absolutely brilliant was the lift (elevator): stepping in, onto a work by Jim Lambie, I smiled - not knowing that more was to come.  A Martin Creed work, commissioned during his Down over Up exhibition at the gallery is still in place: a choir sings up a scale when the lift ascends, and down when descending.  Simply marvellous! and certainly beats "Doors closing ... doors opening ...."


  1. I too need those lifts, or elevators we call here! Sounds like it was a great reunion as well as coming across great art.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful trip, Olga: meeting old friends, then a good exhibition - what more could one wish for! The lift in the Ikon gallery in Birmingham plays music, and it's always such a delight!

  3. Yes both - it was a good day indeed.

  4. These are a delight, especially viewed from Downunder and as far from home as it' possible to go. Those light projections are stunning. Another visit to Edinburgh is on my list for next year, come spring with some time to pause.