Thursday, November 12, 2015

Need or want?

Not much seems to go to waste in what is left from my various throw-outs.  The joy of using a drawing program as a tool means that even the most unpromising bits of stuff can perhaps become the basis for something.
When I began exploring how various marks made on an etching plate would print I played around with a repeated figure and other kinds of lines, scratchings, and lettering, to which I subsequently added after a preliminary proof. 
Fine, I now saw a way forward to make a 'proper' plate, abandoned everything on this plate, and went on to develop different ideas.

However, because I scanned all my printed material for my notebook, the images were stored digitally too.  And something there started calling to me.  I 'cleaned up' the image to give me a good look at what was there.
What struck me particularly was the upward motion of the arms and hands.  I cropped to isolate that motion, and was almost there.
I just needed to add some more texture.
A conjunction particularly comes to me at this time of year : the growing consumer excesses of the festive season, and in contrast the ever more glaring increasing quantity of poverty and oppression.  Something to contemplate as I stitch the piece, now printed onto silk.


  1. The multi media evolution of this piece is fascinating and the result is beautiful. How I wish I had your printing skills! When we've finished all our current gallivanting, I plan to enrol on a couple of courses in Stroud.

  2. Thank you Margaret. Don't envy my printmaking skills! Especially with this work - as I say, this was my absolutely first step in finding out what mark did what in the etching process. Any skill comes from my use of digital manipulation - and perhaps in seeing what could be made of my fumblings!
    However, I am still enjoying my adventures in printmaking - just relief work at present. And I hope that you enjoy your courses in Stroud. If you are close enough to Cheltenham you might look at classes by Sue Brown. I have not attended any myself, but I follow her blog, and I like the look of her work

    1. Thank you very much for your most helpful reply. I will check out Sue Brown's courses in Cheltenham as they would be very accessible for me. In fact, she had been recommended to me before I remember now you mention her name. I will also follow her blog for a while to get a feel for her work.

  3. Margaret, her classes look really great, so I hope that you can benefit from some. I look forward to reading about your exploits eventually.

  4. "Ah but a man's reach should exceed his grasp / Or what's a heaven for?" - Robert Browning, perhaps slightly misquoted. Another thing to muse on while stitching? I'll be musing on the two thoughts, yours and Browning's, separately and together, while out walking among the fallen leaves.

  5. Ah, Margaret, it depends so much on context - as does everything.