Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Autumn indoors

Every year at this time as Nature turns on Northern Hemisphere's shade ranges of greys, yellows, rusts, reds, and greens, with black outlines developing, I am reminded of one of my favourite artists, especially in his late paintings: Braque.  I am drawn emotionally much more to his late paintings than his cubist virtuoso performances.  The latter may appeal to the intellect, but as a 'desert island' choice I would always go for one of the former.  The difficulty of course would be which one or ones.
Most of the links for the image sources have more examples of his work, and information on Braque.
Le Salon (image from here)
L'Atelier VII(image from here)
Mandolin and Score (The Banjo) (image from here)
Large Interior with Palette (image from here)
Mandolin a la Sonate(image from here)
Still life with Guitar (Red Tablecloth) (image from here)
Artist and Model (image from here)
The Billiard Table (image from here)


  1. Thanks for compiling those images; what a good collection. The second one shouted John Piper at me ... did you see the show at Dulwich a few years back?

  2. Yes, Margaret, I see aspects of the work of both John Piper and Patrick Heron perhaps influenced / inspired by Braque. No, I did not see the Dulwich show - was it Piper or Braque? I saw a fantastic Late Braque show at the Tate several years ago now.
    You have reminded me that I really must get round to getting hold of the John Piper book you were reading a short while back.