Friday, October 02, 2015

Slivers of delight

I love cropping.  I don't know why, but it's an exercise which is useful as well as a pleasure.  It is a habit - maybe an obsession.
Here are a few of my snippings from my Norfolk trip photos:
I often take photographs instinctively - the view might be pleasant or interesting enough, but something more drives my need.  I don't always understand what attracts me - until suddenly one day another element clicks, and the cropping begins. 
Here below is an idea I am working on.  The original photo was taken on Corfu some years ago.  The figures were originated several years ago, and I have not used them satisfactorily yet - it might work here perhaps.


  1. It does work here, Olga, definitely.

  2. Those top ones are like peeping through a crack in the door. I know what you mean about seeing things afterward or understanding later what was the compelling thing. Just take the shot whether you know why at the moment or not.

  3. Yes, Sheila - I am so grateful for the arrival of digital photography, with no worries about amassing potential without cluttering up the world.

  4. As your lovely 'slivers' show, there is often much detail to be picked out and shown by judicious use of the cropping tool. Without it, the detail would not be noticed or enjoyed.
    I too crop my photos a great deal, both on the computer and with a pair of scissors for my sketchbook journals. I enjoy the juxtaposition of slivers from different photos and am always surprised how cropping a photo and spacing the segments makes me see things so differently.

  5. I think that it is always good to shake up the way we see things. Cropping is a great tool for concentrating on juxtapositions and details.