Wednesday, October 07, 2015

October reds in the garden

There are so many red spots in the garden now, which while the majority of leaves are still green, make a lovely scene.  As the leaves slowly yellow every day is a delight as I open the curtains.
I don't know the name of this grass, but its flowers are stunning, and especially so in the morning or evening light.  Unfortunately I chose a bright moment in between showers to pop out into the garden.
Is it my imagination, or everything so much more zinging this year?  The Sedums seem more intensely pink - they will turn darker as autumn progresses,
just as the Berberis berries seem more intensely - pulsing - red.
Geranium Ann Folkard's leaves turn beautifully
as do the Bergania's
and a few of the Mahonia's which unlike most of the plants is gearing up to flower early in winter.
The showers have depressed the hardy Fuchsia onto its gravel bed, but the red still shines.
I have a small collection of Sempervivems, and this relatively recently acquired one has developed beetroot red edges with which I am smitten.
I had gone out originally to check on my tardy borlotti beans, and decided to pick some.  They seem OK, but not as wholeheartedly ripe as I would have preferred.  I'm told this has been a bad year for beans. 
This morning I cooked this batch, and tonight we will see how they turn out.

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