Sunday, October 04, 2015

As we ease into October

my thoughts turn to our years in Hollis, New Hampshire, USA.  We were fortunate to experience two rounds plus of intense seasons, which remain shining like jewels in my memory.  The photogenic dilapidated apple store below is still there, I see from this site.
The fall colours were astonishing, and are captured in the photo below, from here, where there are many more.
Those were times of spectacle and wonder.  Nowadays I seem to be happy - perhaps happier - with smaller delights.


  1. These colours a beautiful indeed and I love that apple store with its reflections, with its struggle to stay upright.
    We have always planned to go to New England for the fall but it has never happened somehow. Your photos have just nudged the wish a little higher up my must visit list.

  2. Somewhere I have my own photos taken of that apple store - not brilliant, but it is such a favourite of mine. I used to pass it nearly every day when we lived there in '81/'82/'83. It was rickety then, and I'm both delighted and amazed that it has lasted so long.

  3. Ah! The memories... We lived in Princeton for two years. Such intense seasons, as you say: 4 months of snow and bitter cold in the winter, and then the summers were so hot and humid, we had air-con installed, something we never felt we needed in Greece. I can still feel the heat when I think about it. I also remember the glorious colours in the autumn despite the fact that I was in my late teens - a stage in life when nature is not of much interest, well, it was not to me then.

  4. It's fascinating what it is that we found interesting when we were teenagers. I agree that landscape was not one of my concerns at that age.