Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Amongst trees - a sunny day

A friend and I went to Mottisfont Abbey today to see an exhibition of art on the subject of trees.  It is a great place to see real trees too - especially at this time of year.  And we could not have chosen a better day for sunshine and warmth.
Among the artworks which attracted me was a painting rather like this by Ffiona Lewis,
the film The Greeting by Lizzie Sykes,
the colours and feeling of oils by Fiona McIntyre,
and most of all I loved the photograph and painting on photograph by Michael Porter from his Day and Night series  - for which I cannot find a reproduction, but this below ( Silver Birches & Bindweed & Beneath a Rotting Tree from here) gives an idea. His is the piece that stays with me, and could well prove to be an inspiration.


  1. A beautiful set of images of both living trees and their representations.

    I have been thinking a lot about your subsequent post on stitching which seems to have been removed now. I tried to write a comment twice but on both occasions felt I needed to think about it more before writing a comment. It gave me a lot to think about, so thanks for that. I'm glad I was able to read it.

  2. Interesting, Eirene. It was because I wrote the post too hastily, without sufficient thought that I subsequently decided to remove it. I'm glad, however, that you were pleased to have some thoughts spurred by its fleeting manifestation.

  3. I've removed posts too, Olga, so understand. But, it is interesting, because I deleted my first response to your post because I thought it was too hastily written, and the second one, because I thought I needed to think more about it. The nature of the subject, maybe?

    1. Eirene, my thinking in the end was that the subject was more complex than I really wanted to compress into a post - and I didn't have time to write more fully.