Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The view

The house we are renting is in between the Waternish and Duirinish peninsulas of Skye.  One of the beautiful attributes of this island is its finger-like construction of mountainous peninsulas with narrow lochs in between.  There is so much reflected light from the water, and ever-moving shadow from the clouds and the mountains.  No wonder photographers here say that if the weather is not right for the shot, just wait ten minutes and it will be!
We were fortunate to find a house which is central enough for trips in all directions, but which also has a wide window with a glorious panoramic view.
The hills opposite are known as McLeod's Tables, and there are several flat-topped plug-like hills and hillocks around.  The geology is fascinating.  (Here is another informative site.)
I spent a lovely peaceful time stitching in the summerhouse porch in this afternoon's sunshine, hearing the lapping of the tide in the loch, the birds, and the breeze.


  1. Olga, it sounds and looks idyllic.

  2. Sitting outside yesterday, stitching while Nigel went on a long walk was indeed bliss.