Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Summer - at last !?!

First, I forgot to say that drinking coffee on Skye these days is quite an international experience.  On Sunday we had a delicious brew from Sumatran beans, and yesterday at Mor Books & the Windrush Café Textile Studio we had soothing Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Premier Cru! - lovely stuff, whatever.
Today's surprise was not culinary, however, but an encounter with unexpected birds: peacocks and peahens sitting on the road.  Here we expect sheep, sometimes the odd curious cow, or even deer on the roads, but not peacocks!  In the end I counted seven: three cocks and four hens, all looking rather bedraggled at this time of year, but definitely happily ruling the roost and making cars wait and swerve while they took their time.  I later met a woman who explained that the original two had been given to someone nearby as a gift, but soon abandoned, they adopted her and over the years have multiplied.
My walk today was full of delights: first through trees (after a tree in a box), and without midges today! (I note that Skye had a forecast of the highest nuisance level this week, but we definitely recommend Smidge for keeping them at bay despite attempted onslaughts.)  Shapes and colours were my particular focus.
I stood watching sheep being gathered on the far side of the glen - most of the work being done by one dog - and over a wide hillside too.
And then, having started the day in cloudy light and with a slight nip in the air, to lunch by the loch side, in blinding sun and heat!  We had to open the windows of the rental cottage when we got back, and as the sun sets we are still trying to cool off.


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    1. We always wish that we could take a tame geologist on trips with us!

  2. How lovely, Olga. Skye is on our list to visit, perhaps next year. Your photos are most enticing. Our daughter was there with her family for a week at the beginning of August and came home raving about everything they'd seen and done. There is something particularly special about the northern light of Scotland, isn't there? We love it so and have so many happy family memories ...

  3. Hurry to Skye if you like to avoid crowds! It is filling up fast. It is a beautiful place, and the light as you say is lovely. It is the result of putting up with less heat and more cloud, and in the case of Skye lots and lots of reflected water.