Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rampant crocosmia

When we were on Skye a couple of weeks ago I was delighted to see so many flowers still in bloom, along with the expected heather. 
There were many native wild flowers, and I was used to seeing fuchsia growing fairly wild, as it has done around the edges of habitation in Scotland since I was much younger.  I did know too that crocosmia was also becoming a frequent sight, but was not prepared for whole swathes of it to be covering the lower ground.
I must say that I love the plant and its effect, the flowers and the leaves both.  And it goes so well with another favourite of mine: dock (rumex).  Crocosmia makes an appropriately stunning foreground landscape views, and for dramatic photographs of the mountains on Skye
On the shore of Loch Bay at Stein I was particularly amazed at the extent of the 'invasion'.  All the grass-like plants as far as can be seen round the bay are crocosmia, and this was but a small part of the sweep of the plant.


  1. Crocosmia spreads like a weed in our garden - I'm not surprised to see it being invasive in the wild! But what is surprising is how it got started there in the first place; it's not a UK native, but comes originally from southern and eastern Africa!

  2. The Victorians loved it, Margaret - say no more!