Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Positive distractions

Today I completed and very much enjoyed reading a relatively recently published monograph on Sonia Lawson: Passions and Alarms.  I look forward to seeing her paintings every year at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  As a Royal Academician she exhibits regularly.  I always find seeing her work inspirational, and the book has filled me with a positive thrust.
I continue my stitching towards the deadline that looms, but also need other distractions - largely to rest my fingers.  Today another doodle that arose from the title Hand to mouth.  The image prompted is not what one would immediately think on hearing the expression, ... but there it is.
Tomorrow my intention is to meet a mini deadline within the greater deadline for the large piece, and I shall be able to go on to the next stage involving machine stitching, so I shall try to keep away from my Painter program.  The computer, of course will be on because I love listening to radio programmes on iplayer as I work.

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