Monday, September 07, 2015

Distance and detail

My previous post title is tautologous on Skye because the weather changes round each bend and every ten minutes or so.  I love the way that such changeability makes me look afresh at what is around.  Yesterday one of our visits was to Loch Brittle where I caught two snaps of the same cottage, about ten or so minutes apart:
As ever, I was delighted to be wandering over a pebble beach, staring into the distance over the water
or peering down at my feet at the marvels on the ground.
The stones in the first two pics are about four or five inches across.
We also had a delicious lunch at the Old Byre, a tiny gallery and café with only four tables - with us, three were occupied, and we were the only Brits, indeed with the owners included, I was the one with the most Scottish blood, even though that's only half! 


  1. Wonderful juxtaposition of landscape and looking closer - love the photos of the stones.

  2. Thanks Eirene. One of my favourite activities is wandering on a shore.