Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I have just finished reading a book which transported me back to one of my previous lives - the seventies when I was totally immersed in the world of book publishing.  On my office walls there were always postcards, and one constant was by Edward Gorey: his audience always there to keep an eye on me, to remind me to take everything with a pinch of cross-hatched humour.  I was very much a fan of his art and his children's books (I had quite a few before I gave my collection away to deserving sprogs).
(Image above from here - which also contains an interesting introduction to Gorey.)
The book I stumbled upon in a review page recently is Edward Gorey, His Book Cover Art & Design by Steven Heller.  I so enjoyed this nostalgic interlude: remembering the days not only when I was conversant with the family trees of publishing personnel in the UK, Boston, and New York, but also the time I spent travelling from Oxford up to London after work for my course on book design at the London School of Printing.  I was lucky enough as an editor to be able to design books and their covers for a couple of years before a design department was set up.  It was a time of great adventures, whereas now I more resemble one of these dames:
(Image above from here.  I am not a Goth fan, but the link puts Gorey in context with such, as well as the dark imagination of David Lynch and other surrealists.)
If you do not know the work of Gorey, and you like what you see in this post, there are many more chuckles here.

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