Saturday, August 08, 2015

Development of a monoprint

I seem to be working on a few pieces at more or less the same stage at present, and so I must finish them in order to space out my progress again.  Occupying most of my attention is a stitched piece developed from a monoprint.
Three years ago I produced a series of six monoprints using a repeated stencil, experimenting with effects.  I was pleased with the results, but especially so with the following three images.
And of them I decided to have the last printed onto fabric.  That's the one I'm stitching now.


  1. Olga, it's great seeing the development. They're all lovely, and I like the one you chose for stitching but I also like a lot the fourth one from the top - I hope you might decide to use that one at some point too.

  2. Thank you, Eirene. I may well get round to using all three of my preferred group - but probably not for a wee while yet. I have quite a queue as it is!

  3. Having found reliable internet connection and a wet afternoon, I've so enjoyed discovering this post. The piece you've had printed onto fabric and are now stitching has lovely texture and a delicate contrast in colour which I especially like.

  4. Thank you Margaret. I hope that you are enjoying your Orkney trip. I have never been there, but was particularly drawn to the book about the Italian prisoners of war building their church there.

    1. We are - thoroughly. We passed the Italian church as we drove up the island from the ferry and crossed the Churchill barriers the prisoners constructed. We will visit the church on a future trip to the south of the island. I can only say, as I think you love these northern landscapes, you must come here. It is at the same time beautiful and fascinating ... A unique community.

  5. Catching up with reading blogs now. I'm quite in love with these pieces for I love monoprinting. The stitched one with its textures make me wish I could hold it and touch it. Bravo on getting some work done unlike overheated lazy me!