Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another dreich day

Stitching summer colours on a dreich late summer's day.  Lush greens abound in the garden as the leaves drip. 


  1. Ha ! good stitching weather ...!

    (though you can easily stitch in the shade of a parasol, that's true ...)

  2. Yes Els, the year is turning towards big quilting weather once more - a time to stitch warm textiles! Unfortunately we have not had many hot days this year. Never mind, more stitching done!

  3. "Dreich" is a new word for me... Scottish perhaps and meaning wet or rainy? I wish we would have had some of that this long hot summer! I'm looking forward to some cooler weather for fall and maybe I'll get some work done in the studio at long last.

  4. This summer has been a mix day by day of cool, cold, warm, wet, dry, but not hot. On continental Europe they have had extreme heat, like you. I think we have been lucky - except that with the less extreme temperatures we have had in our garden alone two plagues of insects, and other beasties are invading our shores. I do hope that you soon get some respite.

    Dreich is indeed a Scottish word which combines drizzle, grey skies, a miserable outlook.