Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Storage solution (with side irritation) + bonus buy

I cannot remember when I first decided that I must have a plan chest, but it was many years ago now.  This longing falls into the obsession I have with storage - something my husband suffers from too.  Unfortunately a plan chest is by nature a big beast, and I have never had room for one.  But I think I may have overcome the desire because I encountered IKEA's Alex drawers on castors.
I bought two of these - they store paper up to A2 size - and love them.  One stores paper, and the other stores small stitched work.  Now I have acquired two more for storing prints.  They move so easily, they fit under tables, and the drawers are just the right size for my needs.  Only if I ever start making larger prints will I again start thinking dreamily about a plan chest.
The irritation was my husband's: one piece was cut wrong, and he valiantly spent a three hour round trip to IKEA to have it replaced - with no blink of an apology that they had sold a defective item.
My purchase - incredibly cheap - bonus was a dish drainer which is perfect for holding my vinyl (lino) plates after cleaning off the washable ink, with the cutlery compartment ideal for the dripping implements.
I look forward to using all this newly acquired stuff, but meantime it's serious tennis watching time, so the work is confined to hand stitching.


  1. Storage is an ongoing problem. My art space is pretty big just now, but I'm very conscious that at some point soon I am going to have to contract it somewhat.

    That said these look ideal for papers and prints etc. going to have to investigate!!

    Thanks for the tip.

    1. it's always great to find the right storage solution! Good luck.

  2. Well dang! It never occurred to me that a dish rack could be used for drying linocut plates and other types of larger stamps. Will have to keep my eyes open for a small version like this one. As for the storage solution...I'm just envious!

  3. Sheila this dish rack is relatively small. No more curled plates!

    It is also available in the US IKEA:

    The drawer unit is also available in the US:

    1. Thanks for those links. Will have to check dimensions on the drawer unit. I'm in a pretty tight space but might have room under my work table.