Monday, July 20, 2015

From Panda to Polar bear

This morning I encountered a snippet in the Guardian newspaper.  Art critic Jonathan Jones wrote about Jeann-Marie Donat's collection of old photographs showing at the Arles photography festival this year.  I would not normally have been interested in the article, except that I have a picture taken of me, my mother, a toy polar bear cub, and a man dressed in a polar bear costume (looking I must say more authentic than the one in the German photographs!).  We were in a park in Aberdeen in 1951 when I was three years old.
More of the German photos like the one above here


  1. A charming photograph and a happy memory for you!

  2. Marja-Leena, I think that this is the only street photographer I encountered in Scotland. There were very many in Greece in the 50s. In today's era of selfies it seems a really antique phenomenon.

  3. It is certainly of its time. I'm not sure that a photographer and a dressed up man with a stuffed toy animal to lure mothers and children would be a business allowed these days.