Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our trip - part 1

We have just spent what seems longer than a week in North Norfolk.  It was wanting to see an exhibition which began it all, and so this holiday was attached.  And the whole turned out to be much greater than its parts.
We went there on a Friday, arriving in mid afternoon and not expecting much of that day, apart from the pleasure that we had managed to avoid the thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours of rain and hailstones forecast for the area.
We thought we would start with a glimpse of the sea at Hunstanton, and parked up on top of the cliffs. 
The tide was out, the foreground a wondrous mass of alexanders, and beyond that sand stretching out.
I spent some considerable time on the beach entranced by the pebbles, some of which returned home with me (more of them in the fullness of time). Unfortunately the battery in my camera expired just then, and I was unable to take photographs of the cliffs. 
The image above comes from the Wikipedia article.
After unloading the car at the self-catering place we drove on to Wells-next-the-sea where a crab supper awaited us. 
And an unexpected bonus of an event!  While we were strolling round the harbour we noticed a crowd had gathered, looking out to sea, and with serious looking cameras around too (I luckily had my older camera with me while the battery of the superior snapper was being charged).
We were informed that the lifeboat Lucy Lavers was due to visit, having celebrated an anniversary trip to Dunkirk.
She motored past, then turned to moor.  I almost got a snap of the contemporary lifeboat accompanying her too.
What a start to the holiday - we returned to the Old Dairy to enjoy the lovely furnishings, and the seven original paintings by Alice Scrutton.


  1. Lovely to have you blogging again, Olga. I love Norfolk, and it sounds like you had a great time, with unexpected surprised.

    Enjoyed the Alice Scrutton images.

  2. Thanks Eirene. We had a lovely time, with delights everywhere for me, as on the whole we did not know what to expect, having only visited Norwich and none of the coast before.

    Having the Alice Scrutton paintings around us was definitely a bonus.