Friday, May 08, 2015

Snapshots of colour in the garden

Yesterday morning I quickly took a few snaps of colour in the garden.  I try to do this regularly to top up my digital colour palette.  This year is proving to be a bumper one so far.
Pulmonarias still flowering
as are the Euphorbias
Bluebells beginning to go over as the earliest geraniums appear, with the tolerated white nettle.
Fresh Berberis leaves, with one of our too many Aquilegias poking through
More fresh leaves on the Spirea...
two Spireas and another Berberis - red this time, and the growing Acanthus leaves in the top left background.
Yet another Berberis with its delightful yellow blossom
Bergania in dramatic pink bloom
Two kinds of Ajuja: dark
and paler.

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