Sunday, May 03, 2015

Immediately inspired

The better the art, the more it sets me off wanting to work - not to copy, but simply to work, to put in the effort.  This was certainly true of my trip to see Wanderlust.  (Above is a pic I took of the back of a small piece - a delight in itself.)
Jilly Edwards' work inspired me not only because of its general qualities, but also the particular use of colour - and specifically yellows and greys.  This is a combination which evokes different emotions.  This Spring's greens have been strikingly yellow because of a lack of rain.  That has been joyous.  But sometimes yellow can evoke a contemplative, and even a negative response.
I stopped at the café at Walford Mill for a coffee before I returned to the exhibition.  The day was so sunny, and warm in the sheltered courtyard, that I decided to drink outside at one of the picnic tables.  The wooden slats of the table top intrigued me: they appeared to have scars.  Scars as if flesh cut and then stitched.  I took photos.
My head was full of all of what I had seen as I worked, and with other thoughts swimming about in my mind resulted in a clear impetus to produce something which I think calls itself Scarred.


  1. 'Scarred' is beautiful, very inspired.

  2. Your opening line - I know the feeling! Nothing gives me the boot I need to improve myself or get moving on languishing work more than to take in an exhibit with exceptional work. Rather than depress (I'll never reach that level), it merely reminds me I need to get back to work!

    And gosh - the things we see in the ordinary, like your seeing scars stitched up in that table. I agree that the figure you've superimposed over the wood background, the way it is posed, fits this idea of scarred. Exciting!

  3. Thanks Sheila. I agree that great work is energising rather than depressing. It is when I think something is mediocre but otherwise lauded that I become depressed about my own abilities. And I feel that less and less too.