Thursday, May 28, 2015

Early morning sunshine

I have learned by living here that the aspect of a house and its views is critical to enjoying ones surroundings.  One of the joys I derive is the way the sunlight falls in the morning and evening.  The biggest windows face northish, and so we catch the early morning sun from the right, enhancing the lighter elements of greenery, while also, from the opposite direction in the evening we are treated to the warmer glows on the plants.
This morning as I came in to work in the sewing room I was delighted once more by its peninsular aspect.  I have windows on three sides, with a glass door in the fourth wall.  I am extremely fortunate, and had a sudden impulse to take some snaps to share.  The technical quality is distinctly absent, but it is the spirit I wanted to convey.
Although I describe it as the sewing room, it is also where I do all my computer work, and indeed everything that I do not want to get messy - that takes place in the print kitchen.  The snap immediately above shows my view out while working at the computer, and in the foreground can be seen the bookmarks I'm preparing for the Bookmarks XIII Project.  (For those wanting to know what the book under the latest SDA magazine is - it's Printmaking off the beaten track by Richard Noyce.  It and the mag are there for when I need a 'now for something completely different' moment possibly also leading to some internet research.

Now to get down to some work!


  1. Looks like a great and inviting space. And now we can see how large some of your work is.

  2. Sheila it is a lovely space. It was designed originally as the living room for my mother in law when she came to live with us. After that my mother had it. Now I am enjoying it.

  3. (My comment from the other day seems not to have made it so here it is again.)

    You have a wondrous studio space with a great view! I too appreciate seeing some of your work on the walls and seeing their size. I remember you writing before about this move to the suite formerly occupied by your mothers.

  4. Marja-Leena, I'm sorry about your losing the comment. That can be so irritating.

    I constantly appreciate my luck in acquiring this space in which to work. I still have not got everything in place - for instance I shall replace the big clock with pictures, and there are other bits and pieces to do. Of course such spaces are constantly in creative flux.

  5. A wonderful space. And I envy you your garden.

  6. We were very lucky to find this place when we were looking for somewhere that we could extend for my mother in law. The garden is an oasis, and although it does involve a lot of work it is a joy.