Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tulips, and so much more

We decided that this year we will try to get to our favourite nearby garden West Green at least once a month.  Today the temperature felt as if August was upon us - at least 23 degrees C, probably more in the walled garden which has a red and green theme, capitalising on the beating sun!  What attracted my attention however was the clematis armandii in full white blossom.  I would love to have one of these, but it is far too vigorous for what we are trying to make into an easily maintained garden.
The tulips were in all stages of flowering, from bud to almost over.
Leaves and blossom were the other themes - with Spring flowers to remind us that it is still but the middle of April.
And in the Edible Hedge Garden it was grass laying day.  Nut trees have been planted here, and soft fruit hedges, as well as edible fruit climbers.  We have watched this area develop from scratch, and are amazed at how relatively quickly it is taking shape.
The Edible Hedge Garden above was based on a design for a previous Chelsea Flower Show .


  1. This is making me home sick for the UK, Olga, particularly as the weather has not been anything is wonderful here as in the UK. Must visit some NT gardens the minute we get back....

  2. But you have been to some splendid places too! The grass always looks greener -?