Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Digital collage of lino prints

I am always delighted by the magic of digitally collaging traditional prints.  I've been working on a piece which I'm calling Birdie.
I started with simple drawings for two colours of lino printing.  The drawings were done digitally, printed out and then traced onto the lino to be cut.
I like to use crumpled tissue paper which has been covered with soft pastel as the paper base on which to print.  It was not my intention to keep any of the prints as individual finished items, so hence the use of simple tissue paper alone rather than as chine collé with a more substantial paper.
I made several prints, using not only the 'pastelled' tissue paper, but also a rough collage of commercially printed tissue paper with random leaves on.  Of all the prints I chose this last, and two others to combine digitally.  I then scanned the three prints and began my collage.
I also decided to add a thin film of grey on parts of the figure.  That was taken from my digital files of previously scanned pastelled paper.  I also decided that I preferred the figure facing to the right.


  1. This is very helpful! You outline your process so clearly and describe skills I only dabble at. Someone the other day told me of a local source of Photoshop courses ... I must investigate. I know there is so much that I would find useful but which so far I've not learnt to do.

  2. Thanks Margaret. I must admit that I have never used Photoshop. People do marvellous things with it. I have always only ever used Painter, and even then only a few of its range of facilities/tools. I was lucky enough to get started with computers early because of my husband working in the IT business, but in sticking with what might have been cutting edge at the end of the last century I am now old fashioned. But in this work I am happy with my own means of bumbling along.

  3. I enjoyed following your development here. I think you are making excellent use of the tools you know for your own needs.

    I do use Photoshop myself, a somewhat old version now, but not all the many possibilities for I'm a slow learner with technology. Our technician in the print studio taught me, and others, a lot, especially in using the high end wide format printer (which I miss very much).

    I look forward to seeing where this piece goes - good luck and have fun!

  4. I am certainly having fun, Marja-Leena. I am very much enjoying using the tools which I'm lucky enough to have - and the technician on hand. I would be lost without him were anything to go awry.