Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring outing

Our first outing this Spring covered both garden and exhibition.  The latter is an uplifting show titled Lightworks - photography using light in different ways, and sometimes without a camera.  My favourites include Susan Derges whose work we first saw at the V&A's exhibition of camera-less photography a few years ago (image below from here). 
She lays photo-sensitive paper under water in a river, or on the shore to let the natural light 'take the photo'.  It is magical work.
Jane Fulton Alt's leaping fabric against the sky is also a joy (image from her website).
Christiane Zschommler's photos of the water of Basingstoke Canal (image from her website) are also inspiring, and give encouragement to find abstract beauty even in the most seemingly mundane of subjects.
And also thought-provoking as well as mesmerizingly beautiful is Tremor a film by Pekka Niittyvirta using light through digital technology.  The image below is a still from the film (from here).
Apart from the exhibition, Mottisfont's garden is a lovely place for a stroll with a lot of fast running water, and several large old trees.  There is a delightful winter garden.  Below are some of my snaps today - as you can see I am fold of cornus stems and hellebores!


  1. A spring outing full of art and nature - sounds and looks marvellous. Thanks especially for the link to the Finnish film maker, new to me!

  2. I thought that you might be interested in him, Marja-Leena!

  3. The perfect day for me: a walk in beautiful gardens and art! How lovely. I found this exhibition fascinating, I liked all the images you have posted, need to find out more about the artists, and particularly the concept behind Susan Derges' work.

    1. Eirene, you are right: garden + art mixed with delightful weather is a perfect recipe.