Monday, March 09, 2015

Returning to look again

There have been times when I have sought out the new, the unfamiliar, the challenging, ... but I seem to spend more time now returning to the previously seen to look again.  I am enjoying bringing my more educated eye back to what was once new to me, in order to learn better from the work.
Shadows entering the colour spectrum (image from here)
Sophie Taeuber Arp's work I encountered through looking at Dadaism and Bauhaus art, and initially through my love for the work of her husband Jean/Hans Arp.  In the days of my early interest, however, there was much less material available on her work.  Art books were expensive, and tended to cover subjects that were more well known.  I was able to access more information on Sophie's husband than on her.
Vertical-Horizontal Composition (image from here)
The Internet therefore is such a boon.  With a few taps of the keyboard I have a wealth of reproduction and text to peruse, and I find that not only are there paintings and sculpture, but also textiles ( as in these Reticules from here),
puppets (as in this Wache from here),
collages, and even architecture designs.
There is a YouTube review of her work at a retrospective exhibition here, a YouTube slideshow of a range of her works here, and another here.  By returning to look again at artists whose work I glimpsed, and interested me in the past I can now not only see much better, but also much more.


  1. I did not know Arp's wife was an artist. As in many other artist couples the wife's work is less well-known, sadly, so thank you for this introduction.

    I agree about the wonders of the internet in opening up so much information and images to us!

  2. Marja-Leena, as I have now been looking properly at STA's work, I think that I prefer it to that of her husband. I am particularly entranced by her puppets, and have been thinking about how they related to the ballet costume designs of Oskar Schlemmer. And it is so liberating that I can pursue my thoughts here on the Internet, without leaving home!

  3. Wow! I am stunned. This work is so beautiful. I did not know of her existence, and I agree with you Olga, I too prefer her work to her husband's - and yet, like so many women artists, unknown. It makes me so mad.

  4. Eirene, the worth of art is a strange and moveable entity.