Friday, March 27, 2015

Metal attraction

Flattened vases, 2006 (from here)
The other day I bought the current issue of one of my favourite magazines: Craft Arts International.  It is an Australian magazine which covers ceramics, glass, wood, prints, textiles,... many top quality studio crafts, and makers from all over the world.  I find the quality of the articles to be just as high as the work they describe, and it is a publication the arrival of which I greatly anticipate.  There are also reviews of international exhibitions. I read it from cover to cover. 
In this issue I saw what I thought were ceramics which attracted me, and I was surprised to find that the work is enamel.  This is not a material/technique which I've really thought about in the field of art/studio craft.  And it is unfortunate that through the photographs I cannot fully appreciate the material itself.
Vases: After Rain/After Snow, 2013, silver, copper, enamel, aluminium foil, silver powder, taller 45cm (from here)
Hiroki Iwata is the artist, - and I found that for the first time in many years I once more covet body adornments.
Four Brooches, 2013, silver, enamel, aluminium foil, silver powder, each 8 x 8 x 4cm.
Three Brooches, 2013,silver, enamel, aluminium foil, silver powder, ht. 8.5cm (brooch images from here)
Here, and here, and here are links to information.  How I would love to explore how these pieces feel, and look for real.


  1. These are all just exquisite - the colours and the forms beautiful. My personal preference would be for one of the flattened vases but all are covetable. I too thought they were ceramics so to discover they are enamel is another pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing your find.

  2. These are truly beautiful pieces Olga, and like you I would love to explore how they look and feel.

  3. Yes, Margaret and Eirene, what I would most like to do is pick them up. I am curious about their heft. I guess with the silver and aluminium they are quite light rather than the enamelled iron ware which lies in my kitchen drawers.

  4. Beautiful! I am always very impressed by the craftmanship of Japanese artists and crafts people. Thanks for the links!

  5. I agree, Marja-Leena, but I have found in Craft Arts International a wide range of similarly impressive craftsmanship in other countries too, such as glass from Australia, wood from the USA, ....