Friday, March 20, 2015

Diverse input, but sparse blog output

At present I am pursuing two FutureLearn courses (this one, and that one), each of which is occupying lively thought while I carry out more mechanical digital collaging tasks, or hand stitching.  I also have the Indian Wells tennis tournament as input in the evenings, not to mention my reading: the current issue of the excellent Printmaking Today arrived yesterday to add to my ongoing books. 
Somewhere in the thickets of my mind I am also working out design ideas on the computer - and usually while listening to the radio.  Here are two which are in development - the latter is for a linocut idea:
Otherwise my output is currently minimal and has not been worth putting into a post - other than to say that I really recommend FutureLearn - I have found the courses to be worth a great deal, even tho' they are free and can be accessed online from all over the world.


  1. I find the first image very interesting, intriguing: I can't quite interpret the background, but I like it a lot. I also like the red line on the right - fantastic contrast to the starkness of the image. You must definitely pursue this, Olga.

  2. Thank you, Eirene. The background is a scan of pastel on paper which has then been folded. I have various concerns about the design, but I like it too. Still a bit of thinking and work to do yet, however.

  3. The energy of your figures always pleases me ... especially so in the second image.