Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Borders anew

Our garden borders the church path, near the edge of the village, and we have many visitors including ducks from the pond belonging to the folks on the other side of the path.  The fence along the path has been deteriorating, and in order to deter deer we put up a new high fence last year.  This past winter a hedge was planted just inside the fence.
On a rainy day - as can be seen! - I snapped the rest of the fence: not a pretty sight.  Our border is on the right.  There are some hawthorns in there, but mostly it's ivy and brambles. 
And further down, towards the church the dilapidation was even worse.
But now neatness is the order of the day, and the smaller animals can still come through to our wetland to nest, paddle, and try to escape the fox by coming through the gaps in the deer fence.  The two white ducks are about to do just that.  Below is a view from the other end of the path.
Opposite the end of the deer fence is a magnificent hazel tree beautifully decorated with its catkins.  This is a great favourite with the squirrels.
And the church hedge is beginning to show definite signs of leaf and flower.

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