Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The snow brings even more light

We are lucky enough to live in extremely quiet surroundings, so we did not realise that snow had fallen overnight until we woke.  I never fail to be uplifted by the sight of snow - the beauty always strikes me before any impracticalities. 
And this is the first time I am experiencing the garden under snow as seen from my new sewing/computer room - a double delight.  That is my computer area above, with at my right elbow a radiator, and the hydrangea which gives me great joy.
At my back as I sit at my computer is my sewing machine table - close enough to use the same radiator, and the same chair
and with a window out towards the back of the main house.
We call it the bay room because of a wide bay containing three windows onto the garden.  The above view is out of the left pane of the left window, and below is the view from the right pane of that same window.  The fence marks our boundary with the church path.  Beyond is the cemetery, and fields further away.
The middle window has a view down to the black poplar, and the far end of the beech hedge which marks a boundary with the wetland part of the garden.  In the foreground is a splendid mahonia which is about to flower, and the buds of which attract many little birds for a feast without diminishing the fragrant bounty.  We have two mahonias: this one is a smaller one, while the big shrub can be seen behind and to the left of the yew above.
From the right window in the bay can be seen the church above the beech hedge and the willows of the wetland. 
While working at the computer - and as I type this post - can be seen the wetland in a slice through the French windows, and I look forward to the whole view when warmer weather comes and I can take my stitching outdoors.
The room is more or less generally sorted now.  I am sure that I will make adjustments certainly small, and possibly large as I go along, but meantime I am happier than even I imagined.
It is a big room, and I am extremely fortunate to have so much space in addition to the kitchen for prints, and a large cupboard besides - and the large annex bathroom as a temporary (!) dumping ground.
True the stuff that still needs sorting remains in ominous piles,
but some areas just came together naturally.


  1. We had a bit of snow last night, but nothing as much as in your area. Like you, I love the way the whole world changes and a walk in the virgin show before it turns to either ice or slush is always such a pleasure.

    Glad your space is sorted. Enjoy!

  2. Eirene, the snow had disappeared by lunchtime. I am very much enjoying my new workspace. It really does feel like a new year.

  3. I love snow and miss having it except for a wee bit last Novemeber. IT certainly transofrms the world into such peace and beauty. You do have wonderful views and a fantastic work space - may it inspire many new creations!

  4. Marja-Leena, I also love how the snow covers any mess and untidiness in the garden, making it all beautiful. I really was enjoying the views this morning in their crisp brightness.

  5. Ominous piles? Those? I look past my left elbow and see piles on the verge of collapse, piles that my easy-going son has commented on... But you're right about some areas coming together; they seem to stay together effortlessly too. Is it because we love them enough to constantly look after them?

    1. Margaret, I think that your last question is right - either they are loved enough to keep perfect, or they are totally ignored! As for the piles, I know all about them, but have recently started deploying ruthlessness in either creating useable order - or throwing out.

  6. I love the beautiful cool silent light that the snow brings :-)

    1. Jacqui - it is also a delight because it doesn't happen that often, I suspect.